Arbeitsblätter für Englisch: Listening Comprehension

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A picture story: finding the right order of the pictures and understanding the story

The students are to unscramble the pictures of a picture story. They are to understand the story and familiarize themselves with appropriate vocabulary by correcting wrong statements, matching notes with pictures and parts of sentences belonging together and answering questions.

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Keywords picture story, reading comprehension

Englisch Hauptschule 7-9 . Klasse 7 Seiten Raabe

Jeff Kinney "Diary of a Wimpy Kid": Christmas and New Year's Eve in Greg's family; lesson plans and worksheets

The students practice silent reading as well as reading comprehension with the scene on Christmas in the main character's family. Listening comprehension as well as writing skills are advanced with regard to Greg's New Year's Eve

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Keywords Englisch, Kompetenzen, Literatur, Kommunikative Fertigkeiten, Genre, Literaturvermittlung, Hör- und Hör-/Sehverstehen / listening, Hörspiel, Arbeit mit Hörspielen, Listening, christmas, New Year's Eve

Englisch Gymnasium Hauptschule Realschule 7-9 . Klasse 6 Seiten EKS

Susan Cooper "King of Shadows": Ideas for class tests

This section provides an exemplary class test. The students are to deal with the novel's topics and main propositions in a rather personal way.

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Keywords class test

Englisch Gymnasium Hauptschule Realschule 9-12 . Klasse 2 Seiten EKS