Arbeitsblätter für Englisch: To Be Or Not To Be

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The students are to assess whether specific arguments can be used to support or to reject school uniforms. Moreover, they are to add missing arguments to a script for a discussion. They may also write their own pro and contra lists.
1 Schlagworte: school uniform, discussion
Englisch Gymnasium, Hauptschule, Realschule Klasse: 8-9 4 Seiten Raabe
With the help of useful phrases, the students write an e-mail to an agony aunt on the topic of bullying. In a group project, they discuss possible ways to stop bullying with the help of idea cards and put them into practice.
1 Schlagworte: Englisch, Kompetenzen, Themen, Methodische Kompetenzen, Ausbildung und Arbeitsumwelt, Textproduktion, Textrezeption, Email, bullying, project
Englisch Hauptschule Klasse: 7-9 4 Seiten Raabe
In order to get into the book, the students are supposed to formulate their expectation and speculate on the content with the method of cooperative storytelling. Moreover, they may be sensitised for the importance of drama techniques and point of view in the novel.
1 Schlagworte: drama techniques, point of view, pre-reading activities
Englisch Gymnasium, Hauptschule, Realschule Klasse: 9-12 4 Seiten EKS
The method of the Reading Journal is introduced to teachers. There is information on the method as well as concrete questions on the book which can be handed to the students.
1 Schlagworte: reading log
Englisch Gymnasium, Hauptschule, Realschule Klasse: 8-10 8 Seiten EKS
Verschiedene Übungen zum Futur(Going to, Will-Futur, Kurzantworten, Singular, Plural) mit Lösungen.
1 Schlagworte: Englisch, Grammatik, future, tenses, zeiten, going to, Grammatik
Englisch Gymnasium, Realschule Klasse: 5-6 9 Seiten EKS
Arranged marriages as an aspect of cultural identity
1 Schlagworte: novel, post-reading activities, discussion, cultural studies
Englisch Gymnasium, Realschule Klasse: 7-13 1 Seiten EKS
The students prepare and present a panel discussion to the question 'Are We on Our Way to a Big Brother Society?'. They get to know different positions and form a reasoned opinion on the question. Moreover, they discuss a picture and a quotation illustrating aspects of privacy and fill in a questionare on the topic of 'me and my data'.
1 Schlagworte: panel discussion, privacy, Internet
Englisch Gymnasium Klasse: 11-13 7 Seiten Raabe
Link, one of the main characters, is introduced in detail. The students reflect on his decision to live on the street and work out alternatives. They get to know London from the perspective of a homeless person and in the process learn to take different perspectives.
1 Schlagworte: Englisch, Themen, Landeskunde, Städte und Sehenswürdigkeiten, London, character
Englisch Gymnasium, Hauptschule, Realschule Klasse: 8-10 10 Seiten EKS
Arranged marriages as an aspect of cultural identity
1 Schlagworte: Englisch, Themen, Kompetenzen, Literatur, Alltag, Gesellschaft, Methodische Kompetenzen, Literaturvermittlung, Erwachsenwerden, Familie, Freunde, Multikulturelle Gesellschaft, Zusammenleben in der Gesellschaft, Textproduktion, Textrezeption, Arbeit mit Film, Arbeit mit Hörspielen, Arbeit mit narrativen Texten, Identity, Characterisation, novel, cultural studies
Englisch Gymnasium, Realschule Klasse: 7-13 5 Seiten EKS

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